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The majority of disabled people are positive and happy people. The stereotype of people with disabilities as depressed is way over-blown. In reality, a person who is going through intense depression over their disability is usually in a stage of mourning over a recently acquired disability. Give them time, be supportive, but don't encourage the depression. Encourage them to move on at their own pace. People with disabilities are not constantly unhappy. Treat them like you would anyone else. People with disabilities are just people, and do not deserve or need to be coddled or treated differently. Treat them the way you would treat any other human being. Laugh, cry or be friends with them the way you would with any other friend. Ask them if they need help before helping them. We all have the right to be independent. Don't have pity on them, give them education, training and employment. We need your help to find ways that can make a real difference to the lives of differently-abled people.

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